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Bird Boxes in the Woodland

A full house for our feathered friends!

Last year the Eco Group Volunteers installed 9 new nest boxes in the Peninsular Wood, which were made on site from recycled wood. Over the year they were monitored by observation and found to have 100% occupancy by blue tits and great tits and 100% fledging success.

Blue tits (left) and great tits (right) nest in tree holes and nest boxes from March to June, laying 5-12 white eggs with brownish speckles, which hatch after 12 to 15 days incubated by the female. The young fledge around 20 days old and are fully independent after 4 weeks.






This year 7 new boxes have recently been installed, making 16 in total in the Peninsular Wood, and monitoring of all the nest boxes will commence again shortly. All the information gathered will be forwarded to the British Trust for Ornithology.

If you wander around the Peninsular Wood listen and look out for birds and nest boxes, see who you can spot (but please do not disturb them).