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Delicate Stained Glass Revealed from stores

During the current lockdown our wonderful Warden is using her time well, among other things, tidying stores and ensuring all our objects are in the right conditions, in the right place, and properly labeled and identified.

Last week she was working through some unlabelled boxes and rediscovered these delicate pieces of stained glass.


Stained Glass Rounds at Kiplin

Stained Glass Motos


Per Acuta Belli is the Carpenter motto. The other rectangular panels translate: Deus providebit – God will provide, and Accendit cantu – He animates by crowing. – very appropriate for the cockerel!

The Library in Kiplin Hall always draws a gasp from visitors when they see the stunning stained glass windows there. The room is a gothic style extension to the original house built in 1820 by John and Sarah Carpenter. The large windows celebrate the family pedigreelinking back to King John, as well as showing biblical scenes. Overhead in the library is the white plaster ceiling that Admiral Carpenter commissioned with the symbols of the Carpenter and Talbot families. A library globe on a stand and a cockerel for the Carpenters, and a lion and the head of a dragon for the Talbots. 

There is another panel in our stores, depicting a lion. Although sadly this piece is damaged.

Could it be that these panels were intended to be displayed in the Library as a set? It would seem likely. More research to do on these delicate treasures…


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