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Dogs at Kiplin

we love our four legged friends

One of the first questions we are always asked is ‘Are dogs welcome at Kiplin’ and the answer is a resounding yes, we love our four legged friends here. Only assistance dogs are able to go around the hall itself (for conservation reasons, dog hair is very bad for attracting pests into the buildings).

In the gardens, we welcome dogs on leads, and there are some amazing walks through the woodlands and around the lake that will be ideal to stretch those paws. When on our site, we do ask that dogs are kept on leads, especially in the estate grounds, as we do rent out some of our fields for sheep-grazing, and while your dog might like to have a crack at trying out as a sheepdog, the sheep won’t enjoy it at all.

At the front and back doors there are dog bowls which we keep filled with water for the hot days, and there are posts where you can tie the faithful hounds up to while you pop in for a quick cup of tea.

If you are visiting Kiplin to walk the dog, please do clean up after them, we are putting new bins in this season to help with disposal. Please also remember to pop into the hall to get your ticket, as we are a charity and need the funds to help maintain our paths and grounds so that dog walkers can enjoy the site for years to come.