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Silent Footsteps

Post Boy

As a new exhibition opens at Kiplin Hall a table is laid with 9 place settings, representing some of the servant roles in this historic house. Join us each week as we explore the lives of these diligent workers.

In life the servants and staff of Kiplin Hall moved through the house silently undertaking their duties. We see traces of them in the historical record through things like wage bills and diary entries. Then and today, they are shadows, without whom Kiplin Hall could not have existed and thrived.

Today we meet Richard Carey, post boy.

Richard Carey was born in Scorton, just up the road from Kiplin Hall, around 1834. His family were well known to the owners of Kiplin Hall. His father, Henry Carey, was a stone mason who regularly worked for the 4th Earl of Tyrconnel across the Kiplin Estate. Richard’s older sister, Fanny Carey worked at Kiplin Hall a few years before Richard became post boy. She was a still room maid in 1843 and 1845. Richard starting working at Kiplin in 1849, aged 15.

As post boy, Richard was paid £3 as a half yearly salary, around half the wage of a house maid. After working at Kiplin Hall, Richard became a bricklayer. He continued to live locally in Bolton-on-Swale. He would have spent time learning this skilled trade as an apprentice. Bricklaying was also a dangerous line of work. Lime was used in mortar, known to cause diseases of the lungs. Richard lived until 1882, aged 48, we don’t know the circumstances of his death.

Plate from the period “Peace and Plenty. A Good Conscience and a table well furnished with provisions. What is better than that”

As a post boy Richard sat in the lower levels of the staff hierarchy. Reporting to the butler, under butler and footman. The post boy would be expected to assist the footman with their duties. Carry messages and notes, and wait on higher ranking domestic servants.

Join us next time to find out more about Sarah Mountain, Laundry maid.

The exhibition Silent Footsteps is now open and is included with standard admission. Day and Annual tickets are available. Kiplin is open 6 days a week, closed on Thursdays. Please note that this exhibition is on the third floor and there is no lift, access by stairs only.