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Taking care of our trees this winter

As many of us at home start to think about bringing Christmas trees into our homes the volunteers here at Kiplin are hard at work keeping the trees in our grounds healthy and happy for years to come.

Kiplin has hundreds of trees of many different varieties scattered across the whole estate. Some of these trees are very old, including Christopher Crow’s Oak, so every few years they are inspected to identify work that is needed to ensure they are safe and survive as long as possible.

There are several Lime trees beyond the car park that could not be inspected as they have a large amount of growth at the bottom so the trunk could not be seen.  The Eco Group and Garden volunteers have started to remove this epicormic growth from these Lime trees so the tree specialist can then survey them. This is a slow job but many interesting things have been found hiding in the vegetation including lots of creepy crawlies, many old birds’ nests, a mouse that quickly ran away and a dead rabbit still covered in fur! Maybe a fox or stoat had taken it into the tree for its supper!

Here are before and after pictures, which give an idea of the scale of the job.

Lime tree before pruningLime trees with trunk now visible

In the grounds of Kiplin Hall and Gardens there are both deciduous and evergreen trees including Beech, Horse Chestnut, Ash, Hornbeam, Oak, Walnut, Hazel, Birch, Holly, Yew, Scots Pine, Larch and many more.

Kiplin Hall and Gardens is currently closed to visitors for the Winter but we are very busy behind the scenes taking care of the grounds and hall. Follow our blog and social media feeds to keep up to date with goings-on. We look forward to welcoming visitors in February 2020 as the snowdrops emerge.