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W is for... White Garden

An A to Z of Discovery at Kiplin

Welcome back to an A to Z of discovery at Kiplin Hall and Gardens. Today we explore the letter W, which is for White Garden. The White Garden is just one of the formal gardens at Kiplin, and as you may have guessed the planting in this area is largely white.


The White Garden at Kiplin Hall which flowers during the summer months

The White Garden is a tranquil space, which visitors discover through small gaps in the topiary hedge just a short distance from the main entrance to the Hall. Visitors enjoy a feeling much like Alice stepping into wonderland as they squeeze through the opening in the hedge to find an almost secret garden, overlooked by topiary peacocks. In the centre of the garden is a circular stepped, stone plinth and obelisk. Surrounded by four symmetrical planting beds. The plants in this area include hellebores, tulips, gypsophilia, lilies, and lupins; all producing white flowers. The hedges offer a sheltered environment for these delicate blooms. This tranquil and pure space has been restored in the tradition of a late 19th century arts and crafts garden of the sort that would have been popular in Kiplin’s hay day.


The gardens at Kiplin Hall are lovingly maintained by Head Gardener, Chris Baker, and a large team of volunteers. Work is currently in the planning phases to redevelop and restore more areas of the grounds in the coming 5 years. We will look forward to experiencing those spaces in the future from spring next year and beyond.


Looking ahead to spring, swaths of snowdrops will carpet woodland floors at Kiplin

In the more immediate future, we can look forward to Kiplin’s other famed white flower. The simple but stunning snowdrop. Kiplin is known for its swaths of snowdrops carpeting the woodland floors. The arrival of the snowdrops signals the start of spring, triggering Kiplin to reopen its gardens following the winter closure. Kiplin will open for Snowdrop Strolls on Friday 4th February 2022. Kiplin is currently open for A Retro Christmas, welcoming visitors from 26th November to the 12th December. The hall and gardens will be closed for winter for the remainder of December and January. Always check opening times at