Kiplin Hall Vector

What on earth could this be?

And what is it for?

During the current lockdown, work is still taking place at Kiplin behind the scenes (in line with social distancing of course). Our Warden finally has time to tackle the tiding of the stores and is making wonderful discoveries along the way.


What do you think of this beautiful but strange object? What purpose could it serve?


Thunder Glass at Kiplin Hall



It is in fact a Dutch Thunder Glass. Appropriate that our Warden should find it, as she is Dutch!

When used the glass would hang on the wall and be partly filled with liquid. The liquid in the spout rises and falls in reaction to changes in atmospheric pressure indicating a change in the weather. It was invented in the 16th Century, probably by the Dutch nobleman Gheijsbrecht de Donckere, and was used until the 19th Century as a means to predict changes in the weather. A wonderful object tucked away safely in our stores.

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We will be sharing more behind the scenes news in the coming weeks. If you’re planning to visit Kiplin Hall and Gardens once the lockdown is over why not take advantage of our advanced ticket scheme for the Garden and save yourself 10% off normal entry. Buying your ticket in advance online helps support Kiplin during the lockdown while our income has dropped. Kiplin Hall and Gardens is a registered charity, thank you for your help and support if you are able to give it. Buy in advance here.

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