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Butterflies of Kiplin Hall and Gardens

Enjoy impressive displays of butterflies at Kiplin Hall and Gardens in North Yorkshire this summer

Volunteers are a huge part of what we do at Kipln Hall and Gardens. They have many roles from room stewards to researchers, and much more. Today’s blog comes from Jacky, a volunteer from our Garden Team.

”The Eco Group work on a Thursday all over the grounds in Kiplin, when the house and gardens are closed. We carry out many different tasks that are easier to do when there are no visitors such as clearing paths, mending benches and bridges, removing fencing, pulling out invasive species and prolific weeds, pruning trees etc. As we have worked around the estate this year, we have been recording the species of butterflies we have seen. So far the total is 14 different species, including Painted Lady (pictured below left), Brimstone, Peacock (pictured below right) and Red Admiral.

Orange and black 'painted lady' butterfly  Red and purple peacock butterfly

As has been widely reported in the press, it is a special year for Painted Lady butterflies, with millions predicted to arrive in the UK. This huge number only happens about once every decade. The butterflies have migrated to the UK from northern Africa and southern Europe breeding as they go. The butterflies on the wing at the moment have probably hatched here but may fly back to warmer climes in the autumn if conditions are favourable.

If you want to see butterflies at Kiplin head to the gardens, especially the Buddleia and Lavender bushes or take a walk around the lake and look for thistles and Knapweed. All these flowers are very rich in nectar so excellent for butterflies of all types.”

If you’ve seen butterflies during your visit please do share your photos with us on social media. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, simply search for Kiplin Hall.

If you’d like to know more about butterflies in this country you can get involved with the Big Butterfly Count each summer.

You can find out more about volunteering at Kiplin by visiting the ‘Get Involved’ page on our website.

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