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Sweet Peas at Kiplin

Still growing, still here

It’s sweet pea planting time at Kiplin this week. Things are a little different to normal as we can’t have as many pairs of hands on site working. But our wonderful Head Gardener, Chris, is working hard to ensure we have flowers and produce once we are allowed to re-open. Catrien our Warden has also made some interesting discoveries in the stores, linking the collection to the gardens.

At Kiplin we grow an heirloom variety of sweet pea, which means it hasn’t been crossed with other varieties of sweetpea. The little plants were grown from seed in the greenhouse in the last few weeks, and have now been planted outside. The sticks Chris is using to create supports are cut from the surrounding woodland. Usually, he would use many more sticks and string to grown the peas against, but lacking volunteer help to keep tying them on, Chirs is using netting instead, so the peas can climb on it by themselves.

Sweet peas at Kiplin

In the archive, Cathrien has come across a lovely book. ‘Wildflowers of the British Isles’, illustrated and written by H. Isabel Adams, F.L.S., published London, William Heinemann, 1907, which has a hand-embroidered navy blue slipcover with flowers on it. We’re going to put it on display in the library for visitors once we open, as it’s too lovely to hide away! Of course we will need to be careful with lightlevels, as the embroidery and cover could fade quite quickly. The illustrations in the book are lovely, and there are lots of them, including sweet peas!

Are you planting sweet peas at home? Loved for their aroma sweet peas make a wonderful addition to the garden and can be picked and enjoyed indoors in a vase too.

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