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Welcoming a new face to the team

Alice Rose gets to grips with a new project

Following the recent acquisition of a new collection Kiplin Hall and Gardens welcomes a new member of staff to the team. Alice Rose, Project Officer, will work on the Annie Marchant Kitchen and Dairy Collection Project. Readying it for short term display in the Hall in March 2021 whilst making plans for the long-term home of the Victorian collection of kitchen and dairy equipment within the wider context of Kiplin Hall.

Alice brings a wealth of experience to the team and a passion for the past.

“I began life in Leeds, where I was brought up on the history, heritage, and tea rooms of Yorkshire.  Inspired by a childhood filled with visits to Jorvik Viking Centre in York, I studied archaeology at university.  Through my studies, I realised that I was more interested in objects and their stories rather than digging in the ground.  This led me to pursue a career in heritage and museums.”

“Most recently I’ve been research and documentation assistant for archaeology at Hull Museums, working on several documentation projects and sharing my work far and wide through displays, gallery talks and online.”

Director of Kiplin Hall and Gardens, James Etherington, comments “At a time when many jobs in the heritage sector are at risk we are thrilled to welcome Alice to our team. We can’t wait to show the new collection to visitors. Alice and the team will be very busy during the winter months as we prepare to start the year with a splash in spring when some of the collection will be on display.”

We are all thrilled to have Alice join us at Kiplin. If you’d like to keep up to date on the project, and all things Kiplin, please join the mailing list below!