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Wild Flowers at Kiplin

After their winter slumber the blooms of spring start to appear

January is an exciting month at Kiplin as the first flowers of the year, snowdrops and aconites, begin to emerge.

We are very lucky here at Kiplin and have a dedicated team of volunteers helping in all sorts of roles. Among our garden team some volunteers have gathered to form an Eco Group. For over a year now some of the Eco Group Volunteers have been surveying the wild flowers on a regular basis at Kiplin, around the lake and through the peninsular woods. They enjoy regular wanders across the estate, trying to identity any flowers that are in bloom at the time.

Data for the whole of 2019 has now been collated and analysed and these are some of the results from the 10 surveys they did throughout the year: –

Number of different wild flowers identified = over 125!

Around lake = 117

Peninsular wood = 50

68 different types of flower were identified around the lake during just one survey in July.

Daisies were seen in bloom on all 10 surveys around the lake and other flowers frequently identified were Dandelion, White Dead-nettle and Forget-me-knots.

Kiplin has some unusual wild flowers including several species of orchids around the lake. Bee Orchids were identified in flower in June and July and are so called because they look like a female bee. Male bees fly in to try to mate with them and end up pollinating the flowers. Sadly, the right bee species doesn’t live here in the UK, so this orchid is self-pollinated. The area around the lake is now being managed to encourage wild flowers wherever possible.

During the first flower walk of 2020 on 14th January, as expected, only a few flowers were seen in bloom including (as ever) quite a few daisies. Set to steal the show next are the Snowdrops and Aconites as swathes of them are now appearing. Volunteers enjoy getting to spend time onsite during our closed months in the winter. Very soon the public will be welcomed back and will be able to enjoy another spring in the grounds of Kiplin too.

Open for Snowdrop Strolls from Friday 7th February,  10am – 4pm 6 days a week, closed on Thursdays.

Snowdrop Strolls Poster