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Happy Yorkshire Day

By 'eck them turnips are well hoed!

Today we’d like you to join us in celebrating Yorkshire Day, as we launch this new blog, with a typically ‘Yorkshire’ object from our collection at Kiplin Hall and Gardens. This silver cup awarded to Christopher Crowe the younger, ‘For the Best Six Acres of Turnips Completely Hoed. Kiplin 1769.’  

The tradition of agricultural shows is very strong in Yorkshire. Farmers compete to show off their best crops and livestock. The winners benefiting from a reputation for quality and high standards, affording them the opportunity to gain higher prices when goods are sold. There are a number of local agricultural shows which are important parts of the summer calendar for farmers today. Historically (and today) farming can be isolating and solitary, shows provided a chance for farming communities to come together and celebrate in the plentiful summer months.  

Today farming families and huge numbers of the general public enjoy local agricultural shows near Kiplin Hall and Gardens including; the North Yorkshire County Show, Wensleydale Show, and Reeth Show. Members of the public, far beyond the farming community, now enjoy a grand day out to agricultural shows. Learning more about farming and animal welfare, seeing animals at their best and enjoying locally grown produce, homemade baking, crafts, and artworks. As well as regional shows events like the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate attraction national attention. 

Our prize cup is a testament to this tradition in our area, dating to back to 1769. Christopher Crowe purchased Kiplin Hall in 1722, the only time in its history the hall was sold. It was bought from Crowes stepson, the 5th Lord Baltimore, who was in financial difficulty. Kiplin became the Crowes family home for the next 100 years. Christopher Crowe had a son, also called Christopher. Christopher Crowe the younger was a noted farmer and agricultural experimenter. Clearly, his technique for hoeing turnips was second to none!  

This cup and other family treasures are currently on display inside Kiplin Hall in the ‘Kiplin Families’ room on the top floor. Where visitors can learn more about the ingenious, inspiring and characterful people from the four families who owned and lived in Kiplin during its 400-year history.  Visitors to Kiplin Hall and Gardens can enjoy a wealth of historical objects, artworks and furniture on display inside, as well as formal gardens, a large walled produce garden, lakeside walks, woodland paths and open parkland offering exceptional views of the house and its surrounding estate.   

Perhaps we should once again enter into the tradition of agricultural shows ourselves using some of our own walled garden produce. Watch this space, as they say…. 

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