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Rare species of Red Herring discovered at Kiplin Hall and Gardens

PRESS RELEASE 01.04.2021

Already well known for its rich flora and fauna the environment at Kiplin Hall and Gardens reveals yet more surprises. Local fisher man, Marlin Talbot, has sighted and caught a rare Red Herring at the picturesque location between Richmond and Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

Fisherman, Marlin Talbot, pictured holding the rare specimen which will be preserved and displayed at the visitor attraction Photo courtesy of Richard Bartlett

Herring are normally found in coastal waters, traveling in large schools. They are silver in colour creating a reflective and dazzling camouflage in open water. The specimen found at Kiplin appears to be a freshwater ancestor of the Herring. Its red colour is absorbed from clay deposits found in the deep water where it spends most of its time. This same clay was used to make the bricks from which the 400-year-old property is made.

Kiplin Hall’s Director, James Etherington, describes how the Red Herring will become a part of the experience for visitors at Kiplin “On the back of this new discovery we will shortly be investing in a submersible vessel to allow visitors to better explore the marine habitat. Having a working submarine will no doubt put us to the top of the list as a destination for both tourists and local people in North Yorkshire this summer.”




Admiral Carpenter, pictured, owned the hall in the late 19th Century, had a life entwined with the sea and exploration. He would be sure to approve of this exciting new development at Kiplin!


Kiplin Hall and Gardens reopened its grounds on Monday 29th March as lockdown restrictions began to lift. The extensive grounds are open 6 days a week and include formal gardens, woodland walks and lakeside paths. The hall, which will reopen once restrictions allow, is a museum full of art, furniture and the possessions of the four families who lived there in its 400-year history.

The Tea Room is currently operating a take away service, on the menu are hot soups, fresh scones, sandwiches, cakes and bakes, made using produce grown in the historic walled garden. During the Easter Holidays specialist firm, Proper Pizzas, are on site with their wood fired pizza oven in a converted horse box, making for the perfect picnic. For more information visit or call to reserve your place on the first submarine ride.

Perfect for a family picnic at Kiplin