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Kiplin's Fruit Trees

Our bounteous walled garden can even produce apricots and peaches in North Yorkshire

If you look around the Kiplin estate there are many fruit trees especially in the walled garden and these all need lots of care and attention. Over the past month, under the guidance of Chris, the head gardener, volunteers have been pruning the various different fruit trees.

Apple Tree

The apple, pear and plum trees in the walled garden are grown in an espalier style to maximise the fruit produced in the smallest space and to help the fruit ripen. This requires summer pruning to remove most of this year’s grow and tying the new growth into the wires to retain the shape.

The apricots, peaches and sweet cherries are trained in a fan shape on the south facing wall in the walled garden allowing maximum warmth to protect the flowers in spring and help the fruit ripen in summer. We do actually get ripe apricots and peaches even in North Yorkshire. Pruning has involved removing some of the new growth and taking out unwanted shoots growing out from the wall.  The photos below show the cherry tree before pruning (left) and after (right) where the fan shape has been re-established.

Cherry Tree after pruning








The fruit grown in the walled garden is used in our Tea Room to make jams, cakes, and even ice cream. Some are also sold on the produce cart on the entrance lane.

Most of the fruit trees at Kiplin have been planned in the last 10 years but have a walk around the gardens and see if you can spot the oldest tree.